Structured and Unstructured Interviews

Structured and Unstructured Interviews


Structured Interviews are one wherein while holding the interview, the Interviewer will be holding a Questionnaire and will be referring to it quite often.  The Interview will be focused fully on the areas which are pre determined, and questions will mostly cover only those points mentioned therein.  These would normally cover the areas related to Career, Personal achievements and something about the organization, you are pitching in to.

Unstructured Interviews

In this interview, the Interviewer will take up the questions as they go ahead with the interview process.  At the most, the Interviewer may write down few important questions on a piece of paper before the Interview starts, but in most of Unstructured Interviews, it would end up in casual conversations, rather than a typical Job Interviews.

Though the conversation may look to be personal, one should remember that we are attending a Job Interview and that it is essential that we should act accordingly.  Hence, some important points in this respect are essential to be taken note of.

1.Get Ready to know the Interviewer’s Personality

A study reveals that many of the employers hire people with whom they feel they can be friendlier in the official dealings.  This is a sort of personality driven approach which is supposed to be more influencing in unstructured interviews, wherein the HR etiquettes are less likely to come up.  It is therefore essential that while attending the interview, it is essential that you match up to the interviewer’s personality and his interests.  Also ensure to show your liking for the interviewer.  This is possible by doing some work around about the interviewer bit before the interview process.  Possibly, finding out the areas of interests of the interviewer, his/her hobbies, and also the common areas of mutual interest between the interviewer and self, and taking a reference to these aspects during the interview might be useful.

2.Take the Lead

Not necessarily that this is required at all times, but sometimes, when the Interviewer is not prepared for the Interview, and has not planned for such a meeting, it would be necessary for you to take a lead.  It may so happen that the Interviewer is not ready with the questions, and is not able to put forth the real questions required for the meeting.  Under such circumstances, one should not feel shy to take up the lead and ask the Interviewer about the nature of work involved, expectations of the organization and the qualities needed for the post.  This would bring a possible structure to the interview and fill the gap that may come up during the interview process.

3.Business Improvement

In an unstructured Interview we have the opportunity to lead the interview process in a path that we want to go with.  It is always suggested that questions like Ways and means to improve the working of the organization through your recruitment, Business Development, Novel suggestions for improved motivation etc., can be taken up.  Also ways and means of making money, management of men and resources, with ultimate Customer Satisfaction are the areas that could be efficiently discussed.  This will create a very good impression in the minds of the Interviewer.

4.Proving one’s Efficiency

You can bring a situation to make the Interviewer to imagine your taking up the role.  This will be a great force, to influence the Interviewer.  There should be apt suggestions from your end, as to how fast you will be able to acclimatize to the change management, and the new organizational structures.  Also it is essential to make the Interviewer understand that your joining the institution would make a difference, and changes/improvements more suited for the organizational growth would definitely come up.

The ways and means for tackling the unstructured interviews are not much different from that of the Structured Interviews.  Make it a point to answer the questions that are brought up during the interview, and also grab the opportunity to put forth your ideas and suggestions that would bring up a change/improvement in the organization’s growth.

THEN SUCCESS IS ASSURED…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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