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“When you entrust your career to us, we are fully aware of the responsibility and the expectations that you and your parents have from us”

Bankedge ensure that you are professionally counseled prior to admission and during your learning period with us, we continuously strive to keep our curriculum updated and relevant to real life banking environment. We have built up a repository of experience, expertise and excellence over the years in this specialized domain, and this, we open up for you to access and learn from, on the way to building a career of your choice in the exciting world of banking.


A graduate who has secured more than 50% is eligible to take up this program, through activities and workshops, Role Plays and others, and thus the student is equipped for a career in a Private sector bank/Financial institution.  The program covers different banking areas including, various Banking channels, KYC Guidelines, Payment modes, Accounting areas, and Banks’ third party products.


This is a specialized program, which covers CASA products in detail, as also other payment products viz NEFT, RTGS , IMPS etc., along with nuances of selling techniques.  Students are equipped in presentation skills, League skills, Team building areas and others, which makes them to pitch in to the sales section of a Bank/Financial institution.


CFP Certification program makes you competent to provide strategic advice in investments, insurance, tax, retirement & real estate planning. It is an global certification provided by FPSB USA which is a not for profit organisation based out of Denver, USA. It is a comprehensive skill development program to equip participants to offer authentic Financial Plans.

HDCF Trade Finance Operations

Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer. Various intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions can facilitate these transactions by financing the trade.


SBI, the largest Public Sector bank in India has launched its recruitment drive for 2019. Having a branch network of over 24,000 branches pan India, SBI is known to provide huge number of opportunities for young graduates to launch their careers in banking. Register for the drive and understand the scope and opportunities available with the largest bank of our country and get a chance to work in an exciting, motivating and synergized environment.


P. T. Srinivas

Mr. P T Srinivasa

Banking Faculty
Ex – Dena Bank, DCB Bank
Sitaram Kadaba

Mr. Sitaram Kadaba

Banking Faculty
Ex – CBI
Sharika Prashad Dembi

Mr. Sharika P Dembi

Banking Faculty
Ex – SBI
Prakash Venkatram

Mr. Prakash Venkatram

Banking Faculty
Ex – CBI
Mr. Mandar

Mr. Mandar Natu

Banking Faculty
EX- Kotak


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