Time Management

Time Management

A day has obviously only 24 hours.  It is one’s intelligence to ensure sufficient time is made available to manage matters during these 24 hours of a day.  Possibly, this ends up in stress and decreased excellence in delivering a quality work.  It is therefore advisable to make sure that you make out a   to-do-list  in order to manage your day to day work.  This will not only ensure your work efficiency but also ensure right time allotment for each work concerned.  A good time management can ensure to follow the following FIVE IMPORTANT GUIDELINES.

Fixing the Time limit:

Every day morning, go through your to-do list and divide the total equally for all works concerned for the day.  Thus, you can pay your best attention for each task and thus keep your time management line as scheduled.  Further, it also avoids keeping the work pending and thus ensure effective compliance.

Goal Setting:

Now that the deadline for each work is known, you must work hard to reach the goal well before time.  By setting a time limit, you are forced to compare the work completed with that of the pending work at each stage and thus goal setting in time management enables completion of work well before its schedule.


Possibly one is keen to get away from things, when so many activities pile up.  Multi tasking principle should not be followed at all times, and one should avoid doing all things at one time.  This would result in spoiling the work quality as time goes, and hence one should always concentrate on one task at a time and try to avoid the activities which are superfluous or not necessary.  Try to keep up the deadline set, and inspite of doing so, if much is left to be done, you should wisely try to share with others.

Learn to Say NO to things:

Many a times, it happens that works are thrust on you, when you are already overloaded.  Shear courtesy, and shyness avoids using the word NO and out of obligation, we end up in taking up all works which we are aware that we cannot complete in time.  Hence learn to politely say NO to things, as and when it is necessary.

Avoid diversions:

There are occasions, when several phone calls, online chatting, or SMS text messages or whatsapp messages force you to get distracted from your important assignments.  The outside noise may divert your attention and hence, using a headphone would avoid outside polluted noise.  Further, keep the phones on off mode while you attend to important activities.

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