How to crack Bank interviews?

How to crack Bank interviews?

Preparing for Bank interviews is something different.  The minds of Panelists isn’t the same at all times. So it is necessary for each interview like preparing for eachexamination.  Therefore personal interviews always create panic in the minds of young people. But by being bold and getting prepared to face any type of question with full confidence it is easy to crack the interview.

What are the normal questions put up during interviews?

  1. Personal Details: The first question to be put by the interviewers is about the family details of family, education which is quipped through a question TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF.
  2. Study your Resume/Bio data: It is very important to carry a correct Bio Data which gives the full particulars. Many questions would be based on the data provided by the candidate, carefully fill in this form given at the Interview spot. Memorise what is written in the form, to avoid sharing of conflicting information at a later date.
  3. Banking Domain: Not knowing minimum requirement about Banking terminologies would mean that you are not comfortable with Banking sector. Normal questions would be about the different types of banks in India, Banks’ deposit products and liability products and an over view of interest rate structures.
  4. Economy Status: The important rates affecting the economy are the Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate etc., Also, some details about the persons holding offices at World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, RBI, NABARD etc., would be of more use. These will be available in any of the Financial News papers. Reading a Financial paper, like Economic Times, Business Standards, MINT, and Financial Express should be made a regular habit by the candidates.
  5. Updated General Knowledge: What are the latest Government initiatives? The concept of Indian Companies, Start up initiatives by the Government, Latest Satellite launch, Largest Solar Park in Asia etc., are some examples.  Get a hang of the latest and vulnerable topics through GK Books.
  6. Knowledge about one’s own state: In addition to the Banking knowledge, other areas of importance are knowledge in your language, your vocabulary in English, Your communication skills, and also an overview about the state where you come from. Study the details of number of districts in your state, important rivers in your state, Vegetation, the GDP and a comparison to the NDP etc are some relevant questions.  This will explicitly show your communication skills and ability to speak boldly.
  7. Organization Details: If you are appearing for an interview at a particular bank, say Axis Bank, YES Bank or Kotak Bank, it is essential to know something about the bank. Some of the related questions are: Who is the MD of the Bank, What is the total Deposits and Advances figure of the bank,  Special  products of the Bank, and the bank’s participation in the economic development etc.,  Go to the Bank’s site and get the details in full and memorize.
  8. About one’s ownself: Normal related questions are- What are your strengths and weaknesses (Do not answer with the standard replies: HARD WORK IS MY STRENGTH AND SHORT TEMBER IS MY WEAKNESS which may land up to your being ridiculed), Have you achieved anything big which is worth sharing? Why should I select you out of these lots?  How different would be your contribution to our Bank than others?Of course these are very tough questions, to be crack but it is necessary to think for sometime and come out with due answers. Officers are normally expected to be good leaders and clerical candidates are expected to be good at extending excellent customer service.
  9. There are different jobs in the industry. Why do you prefer a Bank Job? A person holding a Technical Degree like MCA, BE or other professional qualifications, may find this job more critical.  This has to be answered carefully with a clear thinking that you have thought banking as a career in your mind from the beginning and possibly there may be bankers in your friends circle and also in your family circle which has made you have a passion towards a bank job.

These are only illustrative and not exhaustive.  Candidates should attend to brain storming sessions on CRACKING INTERVIEWS and get a thorough knowledge on the current affairs, banking areas, and also the factors affecting the economy at large which can definitely pave way a successful approach in cracking a Bank Interview.

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  • Rutik

    It’s a very good to explain the question but, I was saw one interview so that the interviewer asked so many questions like current GDP rat , financenminister, etc.

    • Admin Bankedge

      No one can guess as to what sort of questions an interviewer may be interested to ask. However, depending upon the type of job and the area of operation it involves the questions will be asked. We can only provide a general idea as to what sort of common questions that can come up in an interview. Needless to say that a person should be thorough with the subject matter and the topics involving the banking areas and the department for which he/she is being posted to. Also, any banker would expect us to be updated with the General Knowledge questions like GDP, current financial market position, Economic conditions etc., which is of course essential.

      Above all, one must remember that interview is a selection process and does not involve the election. This means, for say 10 vacancies when 50 people appear for the interview, the interviewer would obviously be more concerned about the order of elimination which otherwise makes the questions tougher. There is otherwise no compromise in the system.

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