Tips for Banking Exam

Tips for Banking Exam

6 Tips to Crack Bank Exams
Year after year, the number of students appearing for bank exams has been increasing drastically. An estimate of around 20 lakh students appeared  for bank examinations this year which implies that banking is one of the most sought after careers these days. These lakhs of students compete for vacancies that are numbered in a few thousands.

The competition is tight and in order to step into this industry, along with hard-work, one also requires tactics. If you are aspiring for a banking career, you are at the right place. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you give your best shot at it:

  1. Alternate Between Studies and Practice – When the exams approach, students begin their in-depth study about each of the subjects. They solve every problem, read all the English passages page-wise, chapter-wise until the last day. They get stuck in certain complicated areas and refuse to go to the next chapter, thereby losing a lot of time.Solution – After a few chapters, solve a sample paper. This gives you an idea about the type of questions, time management and the areas to focus. Alternate in this manner and you are good to go.
  2. Practice – One might be a king in all the subjects. But computing and answering the requisite number of questions within the given time frame is a challenge in itself. For this, one needs to solve sample question papers within the said time frame, focusing on one’s speed.Solution – Calculate the number of minutes you will spend for each subject and the number of questions you will solve within that time frame. Try to meet the target and increase the number of questions in each category gradually.
  3. Reading Newspaper for General Awareness–This is a subject that requires constant updating. But it neither requires too much practice, nor any computation. If you know the news, you mark the answer. This means, when the exams approach, you don’t have to practice this paper. This is called smart thinking.Solution – The shortcut to this is reading newspaper daily. Start today, start now. Reading newspaper not only gives you the knowledge, but also saves a lot of time when the exam approaches.
  4. Know the tricks – You face time constraints in calculation or analysis based subjects. Almost all the students will know the long and wary methods. Your aim is to get that competitive edge, to acquire what the others do not have.Solution – When you solve more papers and do an in-depth study, you will realize that all the complicated questions have a short cut. For this, you need to pique your interest in the subject and find the tricks. All the questions need not have short cuts. But the more you know the better.
  5. Read and Communicate in English – Most of you write the exams in English. Besides, the subject is also mandatory. Answering quickly isn’t possible if you aren’t well versed with the language. To understand the passages given, one needs to have a good command over the language.Solution -Read a lot. If you are reading newspapers, read them in English. Talk to others in English. Improve your communication skills which will in turn help you understand the questions and spot the answers faster.
  6. Research– Study materials, question papers and newspapers apart, you must update yourselves as to the facilities available online for students pursuing banking career. This will keep the competitive spirit alive in you.Solution – There are many sites that give you shortcuts to answer certain questions. Some provide mini question papers that keep you exposed to new questions and give some exercise to your brains. Solve online tests and compare your position with that of the rest of the students. This gives you an idea about where you stand.

These points are to be kept in mind before you start serious preparations for banking exams. Along with this, if you work hard, follow the right books and practice more, banking exams will be a cake walk. A few months of your efforts could give you a lifetime of returns. We wish you all the best for your preparations.

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