What do we mean by saying “Educate Yourself”?

It means broadening your vision and enlarging your thoughts from its limited level.  We practically see that in big cities even two people are not able to live together.  They live separately and meet only during weekends or holidays.   Thus, loneliness has become another problem these days.

Our Living

  • It is interesting to watch that Gypsies live a different life, which can be said to be more romantic and different in style.
  • A Gypsy was seen to be blaming his son “Oh my son….you are becoming a fit for nothing fellow. If you do not change your attitude and if you are unable to make some trick and adopt to your own living, I will be forced to put you in a school and get educated.   Then you will chase money and things and start in a world of endless wants”.
  • It may seem to be ridiculous. But it is true.  Precisely, more a man gets educated, more his wants are. A day is not far off when a human will fight for owning a planet; to get his wants fulfilled which becomes unlimited.  We will not be able to live in a single planet. We have adopted to Exclusiveness.
  • The society is turning out to be one with people who are highly educated with increased wants. It is not the information that damages people but it is the way you gather it, the way it is presented and with what context it is given only matters.

What is Inclusiveness?

  • Inclusiveness is disappearing from society.
  • The entire spirituality can be explained in simple words as “All Inclusiveness” and not “Exclusiveness”
  • Inclusiveness is Life whereas Exclusiveness is Death.


  • Today we see that education is needed only for survival
  • We have not practiced Education to broaden our horizons
  • Just producing loving wonderful adults is not sufficient, it is necessary to produce spirited adults who if put in a hell should be capable of converting it into a heaven.

**By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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