Post lockdown guidelines

Post lockdown guidelines

Bring Your Own Food & Water

Do you want to pre book your seat in your office (along with the Gate pass or Swipe Card given to you).  No work station in future is automatically made available to you.  Henceforth, you would be forced to follow

  • Staggered cafeteria timing
  • Staggered Working hours
  • A mask as a part of your formal dressing accessory
  • No more hand shakes

This would pave way for a significant number of employees to work from home since Social distancing has to be maintained in the office.

  • The employees returning to the jobs will again depend on the region or zone (red/orange/green) where they work.
  • Also, the roles and functions of importance which necessitates to work from the office premises will be selected after careful study.
  • The new norms being designed for a post-COVID/Post lockdown period would be very different from what employees have experienced so-far.

Following are the development from different organizations:

Axis Group

  1. In an internal note to employees, the 75,000 strong Axis group has proposed a 2-3-5 day remote working model with an intention to create a boundary-less work place
  2. Also Axis Group plans to ease into the new boundary-less office in a phased manner.

Till the time of lockdown being inforce, employees will continue working according to the Current Work from home model.

After lockdown the bank will take a precautionary view and open up its offices in three phases, which again would depend upon the situation and guidelines from the Government.

Phase I 10% of the employees which include largely team leaders and branch managers will work from large offices through a roster.
Phase II The number will increase to 30%
Phase III Presumably after July 16 or depending on Government guidelines, 60% of the staff will work from offices.

The Axis Bank HR head informed that this was an opportunity for the bank to reset to the new normal and let go the old habits.  Also he added that we must think of office only if we have a meeting or urgent work to attend which requires physical presence. Ofcourse many roles will be subject to security requirements and control environment.


  • Motilal Oswal Financial Services, also makes wearing gloves mandatory on office premises after lockdown is lifted in addition to several other dos and don’ts.
  • Motilal Oswal Executive added that initially there is a view that not more than 15-20% of the total employees would return. Employees will be evaluated on the basis of the criticality of their role, confidentiality of data and compliance and regulatory aspects.

Also, HIKE has introduced core working hours from 10.30 AM to 6 PM to encourage more discipline during remote working.  No meeting hours were also introduced to give employees enough time to focus on individual tasks.

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