Durga Maa

The nine days of Navaratri Festival is all about ritual worship and admiration of divine aspects of feminine (in contrast to the present day treatment to women across).   During Navaratri people religiously read the Durga Stuti.

  1. The 13 chapters of the Durga Stuti explains the arrival of Ma Durga and how she kills the Asuras in order to protect the Devas.
  2. The book also details as to how the extremely frightened Indra, Brahma and Devas could not handle the atrocities of Asuras and thus plead the Goddess to protect them from the troubles meted out by the powerful rakshasas.
  3. The Goddess takes various forms and defeats the Asuras with utmost ease and ends their barbarities against Devas and enables them to reoccupy their respective places in the abodes.
  4. By relating this to real life, in our daily routine, we find that women always resort to multitasking. Thus they become the great strength for the family.
  5. Let alone she manages her own physical, psychological and professional issues, she gracefully manages all day to day issues of the family. With all these, a woman is subjected to a vulnerability which is painful indeed.


  • Let us not forget, a woman looks soft and sober, but also has immense power that can be commanded behind her, when the situation arises, like that of Maa Durga.
  • Women are sensitive caregivers but if their dignity and respect is at stake they can transform themselves and thus possess the confidence to seek justice.
  • It is necessary to acknowledge a woman’s contribution to society and never one should underestimate her.
  • Let us understand the Festival of Navaratri in its True Spirit and seek the Ma Durga’s blessings.


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