Discussions are initiated with Indian Banks and others, b0y WhatsApp for payments through United Payments Interface (UPI).

What are its advantages?

  • It enables immediate fund transfer between two bank accounts, through mobile
  • A messenger works in a manner of identifying an address box where messages travel to instantly.
  • UPI will immediately settle funds between two account holders.
  • Here WhatsApp will identify the receipt and the UPI layer will allow funds to get settled between two parties.

Who are the others peers who have adopted such Technology?

  1. True Caller worked with ICICI Bank to implement UPI based payments.
  2. Hike Messenger also has started UPI based payments in collaboration with YES Bank through a wallet licence from RBI.

WhatsApp has been in discussions with SBI and some security protocols are required to be taken care, while transferring the funds, about which banks are, concerned which requires to be addressed.  If WhatsApp decides to use Aadhar, then banks will have to enable biometric authentication.


  • Discussions hover around the manner in which consumers will be able to access payment method, whether through WhatsApp or through a payment mode in the payment gateway page?
  • UPI has the prestigious count of 17.8 million transactions amounting to Rs. 7,000 crore in 2016-17 being made.
  • WhatsApp has 200 million users and possesses great potential for enterprise solutions.
  • Further, people are now more familiar with WhatsApp which speaks about its high potential in the market.
  • Further, this could pave way for instant payments for business personnel, who work through social media like Facebook.


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