Fake 500 Currency Notes In Circulation

How to Recognise Original vs Counterfeit Currency Notes

It is going terribly viral through all media and Whatsapp? Fake Rs 500 Note shown here is in circulation is the news.

Here’s How to Recognise Original vs Counterfeit Currency Notes

Fake Notes


  • The news of fake currencies being circulated in India is going viral, all over the country.
  • The latest message that is making people anxious is a picture of two Rs 500 notes with a detailed message instructing how to recognise original notes from the counterfeit currency notes.
  • The pictures of fake Rs 500 note shows the green strip in the currency note being extremely close to Gandhiji’s face and the picture with its message has gone viral on social media.
  • According to media reports, these fake currencies have been printed despite the Reserve Bank of India increasing the security measures while printing the new Rs 500 currency notes.

Let people be aware and take precaution in accepting such fake currencies.

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