Gurunanak the Founder of Sikh Faith was applauded across the world for his faith in uplifting the spiritual and socio-economic enrichment of the human race.

  • Nanak was instrumental in advocating his views through his verses and showed ways to live upto them more effectively.
  • His preaching mainly advocated:
    • Welfare of all
    • None was deemed Vairi (enemy) or begana (other)
    • All are God’s Children who is our Father
    • All humans are the same and distinction through Caste, Creed or Religion were all superfluous
  • Nanak established these ideas through institutions of Dharamsal, Sangat and Pangat or Langar and thus taught equality.
  • He further advocated that
  1. In a Sangat or holy gathering, all sit on the same floor and everyone is welcome to take food in the langar.
  2. This ensured
    • the principle of equality of all and
    • feeding the needy and hungry human souls
  3. God is omnipresent. Violating and disturbing peace in a holy place amounts to insulting the almighty himself.
  4. Harshness is never appreciated and honesty and sharing with needy is always wise for a true human being.
  5. No religion is superior and there should be harmony amongst various religions.
  6. Truth is not the monopoly of any individual, creed or caste. Dialogue only can pave for achieving truth.
  7. We should divulge our views only after duly hearing to others.
  8. Inequality in human race by birth is unacceptable and faith is the utmost thing one should believe in life.
  9. This will give way for the upliftment of the downtrodden and women.

The GURUPURAB day marks the birthday of the great saint and his preachings are as true and applicable as ever even today.


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