Storing of documents in the digital form.  Let us say we apply for a bank loan, or for admissions to colleges or institutions and find it difficult to trace our original documents, every time, which may be in a partially damaged state, and or in pieces.  Income Tax Certificates, Marks sheets, Migration Certificates, Passport etc., are important documents to be preserved for future use.  These can be resolved using DigiLockers.

This is a service provided by the Government of India, for issuing and storing documents in digital form.  Through this, individuals can access documents issued by various Government agencies, Upload documents, self-attest them by e-signing and share documents as and when required.

At present, the DigiLocker has 31 issuer organizations and nine requestor organizations.  Also, there are 7.6 million registred users and 9.4 million uploaded documents.  Though this facility is in vogue since a year, many people are not aware of the same.



  1. It is a paperless maintenance of documents.
  2. A document issued by the departments say a CBSE board marks sheet can directly be issued into the DigiLocker of students which will be visible in the particular folder of the student.
  3. The student will share his DigiLocker while applying for an admission, and authorities will be able to check the marks sheet directly from the DigiLocker.
  4. Also there is a provision to scan and upload a document. The maximum size that can be uploaded is 10 MB.
  5. Types of files that can be uploaded are PDF, JPEG and PMG.
  6. Attestation of the documents can be done through e-singing with Aadhar Number.
  7. Also it is easy to access documents from anywhere anytime.
  8. Also this secures the documents from being tampered and misused. It is as safe as Aadhaar.  However, phishing attack is a threat which has to be overcome through giving access to the right authority or person and observing security related hygiene.


  • Register using your Aadhaar number using a Mobile number.
  • Once registered, link your Aadhaar number to it, or if there is provision, access it using your net banking account, by way of linking bank account with the Aadhaar number.

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