What is T’ai Chi.  It is simple.  Chi means, that which gives life.  In terms of our body, Chi means the difference between life and death.

  • To go for a scriptural orientation we can refer it to be that which was breathed by God into the dust, in order to produce Adam.
  • Otherwise, it is the life-energy which a person resorts to hold on to during his death.
  • If the life force is strong, a human can himself/herself alive and alert.
  • On the contrary if the life force is weak, the result is he/she becomes lethargic and tired.

Life Force:

  • It is interesting to note, that ancient cultures reveal about this “Life Force”
  • It was common amongst Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.
  • These cultures recognize the world not only in terms of physical matter, but also in terms of invisible energy.
  • In India we call it as Prana, and in China it is termed as Chi. In Japan it is referred as Ki.  Also, some Native Americans refer it as Great Spirit.
  • All these culture precisely refer to Life Force as a Central energy in the form of medicine and healer.


  1. Acupuncture is based on balancing and enhancing Chi to bring the body into a state of health.
  2. At its highest level Acupuncture involves injecting Chi at the right time and place and in the right amount in order to reinstate its natural flow in the patient.
  3. If the Chi is unbalanced it results in emotional disturbance and a human becomes upset.
  4. If the Chi is balanced, the emotions will be smooth and sustaining.
  5. It is the spiritual Chi which makes us enter into a higher state of awareness, which lies at the pivotal point of our religious experience.

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