Cyber Crimes through WhatsApp

Cyber Crimes through WhatsApp

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Let the Bank Customers beware of… suspicious WhatsApp calls and messages that might trick them in to share their banking details.

Customers are now being targeted on WhatsApp.  Thus, cybercriminals fool you! Please be aware and stay vigilant. With the rise in digital payments, online banking frauds have also increased. Cybercriminals are now targeting people via WhatsApp calls and messages.

Methods used by scammers to trap people

  • Customers are informed that they have won money in the lottery and ask them to share their bank account number.
  • Banks never call or ask for personal or account-specific information through Email/SMS/Call/WhatsApp Calls.
  • There is no lottery scheme or lucky customer gift offers going on. Hence customers must ensure to stay safe and think before they fall into any such traps.
  • Cybercriminals are waiting for just one mistake. Do not trust such fake callers of forwarded messages.
  • Share this message with people to save them from any such frauds.
  • In terms of RBI guidelines, if any fraud takes place due to a bank’s fault then the customer will get full compensation, but in case the loss is due to the customer’s negligence, they will not get the refund.
  • Customers receive emails that look similar to a bank’s official email. Customers receive fake alert e-mails from non-existing entities in the name and style of a Bank with its logo and other details.  Customers should refrain from clicking on such e-mails.  No bank ever sends such mails.

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