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    Welcome to Stellux, where we believe that learning should be straightforward and student-centric. With our unwavering commitment to simplifying education, our motto, “Learning made simple,” reflects our dedication to making your learning journey seamless and enjoyable. At Stellux, we understand that time is precious, which is why we ensure on-time services that cater to your needs. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge and skills that will transform your future. Join us at Stellux, and let’s embark on a journey where learning is not just easy but truly transformative. Your success is our priority, and together, we’ll make it happen.

    The World of ACCA

    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is a globally recognized certification in accounting, audit, and finance awarded by the ACCA body in the United Kingdom. It is the world’s oldest CA program and has a structure consisting of three levels, namely Knowledge, Skill, and Professional. ACCA is accepted in 180 countries and is known as the global CA because it provides better career opportunities worldwide. The program prepares professionals for various domains such as accounting, auditing, taxation, management, finance, investment banking, corporate finance, forensic audit, and consulting.


    I’m currently midway through my ACCA journey, and it’s been a transformative experience. Each exam I’ve passed has boosted my confidence and reinforced my passion for accounting and finance. ACCA’s focus on real-world application and ethical considerations has broadened my perspective. It’s not just about getting certified; it’s about becoming a well-rounded finance professional. I’m excited to see where ACCA takes me.

    Cezanne Khan

    Studying for the ACCA Professional Level exams is challenging, but it’s also the most rewarding phase of my ACCA journey. The depth of knowledge and expertise required is significant, but I’m surrounded by a supportive network of fellow students and mentors. ACCA’s practical approach to learning has already started benefiting my career. I’m eager to complete the final exams and achieve ACCA membership.

    Sanskruti Suryawanshi

    Studying for the ACCA qualification has been a challenging yet rewarding journey. The structured curriculum and study materials provided by ACCA have been incredibly helpful in building a strong foundation in accounting and finance. The support from my tutors and study group has made a significant difference in my learning experience. While it’s demanding, I’m confident that ACCA will open doors to a bright future in the finance industry.

    Hritik Kanse

    Advance Your Accounting Career With ACCA, UK

    Guaranteed Placement

    Stellux Learning's ACCA program isn't just about exams – it's a guaranteed career jumpstart. Pass just the first 2 levels, and they guarantee placement and internship. It's like signing up for success, not just a course. Secure your future with Stellux.

    Passing Guarantee

    Feeling overwhelmed by the ACCA curriculum?
    Don't sweat it! Stellux guarantees your success with their unlimited pass coaching. That's right, you can redo the entire program and retake sessions at no extra cost until you ace those ACCA exams. We'll make sure you conquer the curriculum with confidence and secure your accounting future. Ditch the stress, enroll with Stellux, and pass with flying colors!

    Placement Bootcamp

    Stellux ACCA Professional: Equip Yourself for Career Success

    Ace your ACCA journey with Stellux’s exclusive boot camp at the professional level.

    Get career-ready with:

    • Expert resume building: Craft a resume that stands out to top employers.
    • Targeted interview prep: Conquer your job interviews with confidence.
    • Essential soft skills: Master communication, teamwork, and leadership.
    • Personality development workshops: Build self-awareness and shine in any professional setting.
    • Guaranteed internships: Gain valuable practical experience at leading companies.

    Most Comprehensive Study Materials

    Get fully equipped for ACCA success with Stellux's comprehensive toolkit. Dive into Kaplan-powered study materials - textbooks, question banks, practice papers, MCQs, flashcards, and engaging learning videos. Master the exams with live classes by expert ACCA faculties and on-demand sessions from international trainers. Stellux empowers you every step of the way, from fundamentals to exam-day confidence. Don't just study, excel with Stellux!

    ACCA Qualified Faculty

    Ace your ACCA exams with Stellux's expert mentors!
    Tired of struggling with ACCA concepts? Stellux, your gateway to success, brings together faculty with top-tier qualifications like ACCA, CA, FCA, CFA, CMA, and CPA. Get personalized mentoring sessions from industry veterans who understand your challenges and guide you every step of the way.

    No more blurry concepts! Stellux offers dedicated doubt-clearing sessions tailored to each ACCA exam. Get all your questions answered clearly and ensure you grasp the material inside out. Say goodbye to retakes and hello to first-time exam success with Stellux!

    Add On Course To ACCA

    Stellux lays the foundation for your ACCA journey with a back-to-basics bootcamp. Master accounting and business fundamentals before tackling the core ACCA curriculum. But Stellux doesn't stop there! You'll sharpen your practical edge with powerful tools like MS Excel, advanced Excel, and financial modeling, making you a confident, well-rounded finance professional.

    What Are The Additional Benefits Of Joining ACCA With Stellux?

    Why Join ACCA, UK?

    • To Become A Global CA
    • Work With The Top Companies Worldwide
    • High Paying Careers In 180 Countries
    • Inbuilt Internship And Placements
    • More Flexible Than CA India Program
    • Higher Rewarding Than CA India
    • Building Diversified Skill Set
    • Credibility Of ACCA Membership

    Millions worldwide choose us for their learning journey

    The Exemptions

    Those with qualifications higher than 10+2, are eligible to get exemptions on some specific papers.

    • B.Com, BBA, M.Com, MBA – Get exemption upto 4 specific papers
    • India CA IPCC qualified candidates – Get exemption up to 6 or more on particular papers
    • Qualified CA from India – Get exemption on 9 specific papers

    Candidates can check for applicable exemptions at the ACCA Exemption Calculator.

    Let us know if you have any questions about exemptions and our experts will be able to assist you with the details.

    Our ACCA Partners


    Founded in 1904, the ACCA qualification stands head and shoulders above the rest. Boasting international recognition in 178 countries, it's no surprise it's one of the world's oldest and largest accounting bodies. With an impressive 2.5 lakh members and another 5.5 lakh aspiring professionals in its ranks, the ACCA offers unparalleled knowledge and prestige to the world of finance.


    A titan in test prep for over 80 years, Kalpan reigns supreme across the globe. From accounting qualifications like ACCA to high-stakes exams like CFA, GMAT, and GRE, its expertise unlocks doors for countless students. Boasting one of only two official ACCA content partnerships, Kalpan sets the gold standard, transforming education and empowering aspirants to conquer their academic Everest.

    Our Faculties


    MD Shahbaz

    CA | CS | ACCA (UK) | Dip IFRS (ACCA) |Manager/Finance with ALCAT Contracting Co.


    Janki Panchal

    FCCA | MBA | Mentor- Oxford Brookes University | Head Of Education - The Institue of Certified Public Accountants


    Jerry Joseph

    Deputy Manager Deloitte Accounting Advisory|Ex EY FAAS|ACCA| Bcom Graduate

    Learning Journey

    Career Opportunities After ACCA

    ACCA-certified professionals have
    higher career growth, earning potential and high-profile job roles.

    Chartered Accountant

    Financial Accountant

    Management Accountant


    Finance Manager

    Risk Manager

    Taxation Specialist

    Forensic Auditor

    Head of Finance

    Head of Treasury

    Chief Internal Auditor

    Chief Financial Officer

    See yourself in one of these role?

    Exceptional Features of Stellux Powered ACCA Course assurance

    Pass for sure

    Ditch exam stress with Stellux Learning's ACCA prep! Relive classes, sessions, and mock exams freely until you ace the test, all included in your initial cost. Worry less, learn more, conquer ACCA!

    Guaranteed Placement

    Stellux Learning guarantees internships or
    placements after their courses

    ACCA is most ideal for

    • Students of BBA, B.Com, or any field: Jumpstart your finance career with this internationally recognized qualification.
    • Stuck in CA/CMA India programs? ACCA offers a flexible alternative or an additional boost to your skillset.
    • Seasoned professionals (CA, CMA, CS): Expand your horizons and gain global recognition with ACCA’s advanced finance and business expertise.

    Minimum Eligibility Criteria

    Minimum 10+2 passed with English and Accounts /Mathematics with 65% marks each and overall 50% marks.

    Start ACCA Course Study at Just

    ₹ 6,000

    (All Inclusive)

    Level By Level

    Knowledge Level: ₹ 50,000 (All inclusive)

    Skill Level: ₹ 1,20,000 (All inclusive)

    Professional Level: ₹ 80,000 (All inclusive)

    Full course fee Plan

    ₹ 2,00,000 (All inclusive)


    About the Program

    What is the ACCA course?

    The ACCA qualification, nicknamed Global CA, is a passport to a career in finance worldwide. As a Chartered Certified Accountant, you’ll wield expertise equivalent to a local CA degree, recognized in over 180 countries. This opens doors to diverse career paths and locations, empowering you to make your mark on the global business stage.

    What is the structure of the ACCA program?

    The ACCA qualification involves 3 levels:

    1. Knowledge: Grasp accounting fundamentals through 3 exams.
    2. Skills: Master practical finance with 6 exams in areas like tax and audit.
    3. Professional: Deepen expertise with 2 core exams and 2 chosen electives.

    Beyond exams, ACCA requires an online ethics module and 3 years of supervised work experience to solidify your financial skills in the real world.

    How long does it take to clear ACCA?

    ACCA exams typically take 2-3 years to complete, covering Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Professional levels. Exemptions can shorten this timeline, but plan for dedicated study to conquer all 13 papers.

    What is the schedule for the ACCA exam?

    The first 4 ACCA papers, a breeze – take them on-demand, anytime you’re ready. But for the next 9, buckle down! Exams happen four times a year: March, June, September, and December. Choose your battleground and check the exact schedule for your ACCA conquest. Good luck!

    Can I do ACCA before I become a graduate?

    The ACCA qualification caters to busy schedules! Take exams quarterly whenever you’re ready, and choose from flexible study options like weekend classes. Balance your career and studies seamlessly with a program designed for working professionals.

    Eligibility & Admissions

    What is the eligibility criteria for admissions?

    Aspiring ACCA members must have cleared their 10+2 exams with at least 65% in English & Accounts/Maths and 50% overall. Graduates (B.Com, BBA, M.Com, MBA) are welcome too, earning exam exemptions based on their qualifications. In essence, high school graduates with strong foundational scores or individuals with higher degrees can pursue ACCA with varying entry points and study loads.

    What is the admissions process for this program?

    Secure your spot in our program! Apply online and our career advisor will personally review your profile, offering expert guidance and ensuring the perfect fit. Complete your registration with the application fee to reserve your seat and unlock a world of opportunity. Get started today – talk to your career advisor for more details!

    Can I join ACCA after my MBA?

    Anyone with a high school diploma (10+2) can join ACCA, making it accessible even to postgrads and MBAs. Your postgraduate studies in finance or business might just earn you exemptions from some ACCA exams, fast-tracking your journey to the qualification. So, an MBA with relevant coursework could actually take a shortcut to becoming an ACCA member!

    What are the exemptions available for ACCA, UK?

    ACCA Exemptions: Fast Track Your Accounting Journey

    Hold qualifications beyond high school? You might be eligible for exemptions on the ACCA exams, saving you time and money! The exemptions depend on your specific degree or professional certification. Here’s a quick overview:

    • B.Com, BBA, M.Com, MBA: Get exemptions for up to 4 papers.
    • India CA IPCC qualified: Enjoy exemptions for up to 6 papers, potentially more depending on specific subjects.
    • Qualified CA from India: The ultimate shortcut! Claim exemptions for 9 specific papers.

    No need to guess which exemptions apply to you. Use the ACCA’s official Exemption Calculator to get a personalized report in minutes: https://www.accaglobal.com/gb/en/student/exemptions/exemption-calculator.html

    Start your ACCA journey at a higher level, thanks to your existing qualifications!

    What is the fee for the ACCA course?

    Pursuing ACCA involves two sets of fees:

    ACCA Study Fee: Paid to your chosen learning partner like Stellux Learning, this covers live classes, coaching, personalized mentoring, practice sessions, study notes, exam prep, and all the support you need to ace your ACCA exams.

    ACCA Board Fees: Paid in British Pounds, this covers essential costs like ACCA membership fees, registration fees, and individual exam fees.

    In short, the Study Fee equips you with the knowledge and support to succeed, while the Board Fees handle the official ACCA requirements. Think of it as tuition vs. administrative costs.

    How much does it cost to pursue the ACCA qualification?

    Get ACCA certified within 4 lacs!

    Stellux Learning offers comprehensive ACCA training covering all 13 papers with materials and classes for INR 2.5 lacs. Add ACCA Board fees (around INR 1.9 lacs), and your total cost stays between INR 3.5-4 lacs.

    Save! Graduates/postgraduates/CAs get exam exemptions, reducing fees. Plus, Stellux Learning learners enjoy a 30% ACCA fee discount.

    Bonus: ACCA is more affordable than BBA/MBA programs! And, it comes with a prestigious global certification and high-paying job prospects.

    Invest in your future with ACCA. Enroll today!

    This version is concise, highlights key benefits like affordability, savings, and career potential, and includes a call to action.

    Is there any loan facility?

    Absolutely! We offer dedicated loan options for ACCA studies. Speak with our counselor to explore your funding possibilities – let’s get you on the path to success!

    What payment options are available for ACCA, UK, with Stellux?

    Conquer your ACCA fees at Stellux Learning! Pay full-up, in chunks, or snag easy EMIs. Every budget wins, and every future shines. Pick your perfect plan, we’ve got you covered.

    What payment options are available for ACCA, UK, with Stellux?

    Stellux offers two exciting discounts for ACCA students:

    1. Pay-in-full Course Discount: Get a sweet deal on your entire ACCA course study fee by simply paying it upfront! This option is ideal for budget-conscious students and can significantly reduce your overall costs.
    2. ACCA Board Fees Discount: Being a Stellux Learning student has its perks! As an approved ACCA learning partner, Stellux Learning unlocks a special discount on your ACCA board fees. Expect to save approximately 30% of your exam costs simply by choosing Stellux Learning for your studies.

    In short, enrolling at Stellux Learning translates to double the savings: lower course fees and reduced exam costs. This can make a significant difference in your ACCA journey, both financially and emotionally. Remember, these discounts are only available to Stellux Learning students, so take advantage of this exclusive opportunity!

    Can I pay the fees in installments?

    Ditch the hefty upfront fee! We offer two flexible payment options:
    Spread it Easy: Split your fees into 3 convenient installments through our Pay Later facility.

    Go Loanly: Choose a zero-cost loan from our trusted partners and pay in 6 to 12 manageable EMIs, with no interest or processing fees. Get online approval in minutes, hassle-free!

    Pick the option that fits your budget and enjoy peace of mind. Let’s make achieving your goals more accessible!

    Career Services & Placements

    What is pass for sure assurance?

    Conquer ACCA exams stress-free with Stellux Learning’s “Pass for Sure” assurance!

    Ditch the fear of failure and focus on learning. If you don’t pass any ACCA exam on your first try, simply retake the classes and mock exams – as many times as needed – at no extra cost. Get unlimited repeat access to expert guidance and comprehensive learning materials until you achieve your ACCA goals. No stress, no hidden fees, just pure confidence to excel in your ACCA journey. Choose Stellux Learning, and choose “Pass for Sure.”

    What is a Placement Guarantee?

    Study ACCA at Stellux Learning and unlock a guaranteed path to success. Pass the ACCA Knowledge & Skill levels, and land yourself an internship while tackling the Professional level. Even better, Stellux secures you an internship with top companies during your Professional studies.

    But wait, there’s more! If you’re not placed within 6 months of finishing the Professional level, get your entire course fee back! That’s right, 100% money-back guarantee if Stellux Learning can’t get you launched into your dream career.

    Why choose Stellux Learning?

    • Guaranteed internships: Start building experience early and boost your resume.
    • Top company connections: Gain valuable exposure to leading names in the industry.
    • Zero financial risk: Study with confidence knowing your investment is protected.

    Imarticus empowers you to conquer your ACCA goals with guaranteed opportunities and financial security. Take the first step today!

    How does the placement process work?

    ACCA grads, your final year unlocks an exclusive launchpad! Dive into the ACCA placement bootcamp for a career-boosting makeover. Master soft skills, ace mock interviews, and craft the perfect resume & LinkedIn profile. Network with seasoned ACCA members, then shine in real interviews with top employers. This bootcamp propels you from learner to confident professional, ready to conquer the accounting world!

    Which are the biggest recruiters of ACC?

    ACCA UK, a program known for its strong job placement focus, boasts connections with over 7600 employers worldwide who actively seek ACCA graduates. Completing the program unlocks career doors in 180+ countries, across diverse industries like consulting, manufacturing, and even tech giants like Amazon. Top companies like EY, PWC, and Morgan Stanley consistently recruit ACCA talent, making it a passport to a successful global career. This industry-agnostic qualification goes beyond accounting, offering versatility and value wherever you choose to go.