Why do you want to join our bank?

Why do you want to join our bank?

Banking interviews can be touch, we give you some food for thought through this blog series. The titled question is probably the most common and the trickiest questions asked in a bank recruitment interview. The answer may vary from candidate to candidate as different people have different reasons to join the bank. But have you ever considered what does the interviewer actually want to hear?

Banking is one of the most preferred sector for having a career in India. Not only does it offer good salary package, you also earn a good reputation and respect in society. A bank officer is always reputed more than a Software Engineer, no matter what they actually do. Other than this, the job security is also high in banking career than private sector jobs. These are some common reasons that people give when asked why they want to go for a banking job. These reasons are completely valid and may even vary according to some situations, but the question here is slightly different.

What they want to know is “Why do you want to join that particular bank?”
Honestly speaking, a candidate seeking for a job would love to join any bank that accepts him. Am I right or not? Of course I am. When we prepare for bank exams and interviews, we just want to get selected anyhow, no matter which bank it is. But, this is not the answer an interviewer would be expecting from you and honestly, even you cannot tell him the same. Then, what would be the best answer for this question?

As a suggestion, I would say that be honest, but be smart. Tell the interviewers what they want to hear. Now, what is that? They actually want to know why you prefer that particular bank over many other banks out there. The answer is simple. You just need to know why their bank is better than other banks in India. Now, this may take some research and study. So, go online and search for everything you can find about that bank. Sort out the things that make them better than other banks and industries. Prepare an answer that sounds good.

Here are some of the tips to help you in preparing your best answer

  • Do not go for a very common and pre-defined answer you find on the internet
  • Collect some good answers from the internet and modify them accordingly.
  • Do not forget to mention the qualities you like about that particular bank and things that make them betterthan other banks
  • Tell them why they are the best

And if you still cannot make up a good answer, you should probably not go with the bank. Good luck.

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