What is Religion??

What is Religion??

Do superficial dogmas take priority over Religion?  What is Religion? It is nothing but your own realisation of your life and living style.

  1. No Master can ever teach the approach methods for attaining salvation
  2. The power of attaining the necessary salvation is within us which we should identify ourselves.
  3. Books are not created by religion but religions create books.
  4. The religion comes to an end when the human mind realizes the God in the soul which can come through only through self-realisation.
  5. All religions ultimately preach us the ways and means to realise God, however, only the ways and means they adopt is different.
  6. It is similar to different radii ultimately converge into a single central point.
  7. A man might not have visited a Temple, a Mosque or a Church but may realise the God within himself through realisation and eternal peace, and thus is able to rid of the vanities of life, he is considered a holy man.

A Small story to Narrate:

A man visited a Sage and discussed various religious matters including those contained in Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagawat Gita, Quran and Bible.  There were several books lying on the Sain’s Table.  The sage asked the man to pick up a book from his table.   The book detailed about rain and its predictions.  The sage asked the man to read the contents.  The man read about the rainy seasons, the ways and means of artificial rains being created, the peak rainy seasons, how one could predict the right time and quantity of rain that is expected and so on.  Ultimately the Sage asked the man to squeeze the book.  The man squeezed it.  Nothing came out.

The sage replied:

  • Until it literally rains, you cannot experience the rain.
  • When you squeeze the book, it is still a book and nothing would come out of it.
  • Similar is your life.
  • Though you may go through various religions and rituals, it is ultimately the self-realization, within you that will lead you to realize the God in the Soul.


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