Everyone individual has Superiority Complex in him, but only the degree varies.  What does it do?

  • The complex gives the individual courage and confidence.
  • Ofcourse, it is true that one should have ego else he is destroyed
  • Self confidence for a person is most essential to carry out the tasks assigned


  • However, the self-confidence or Superiority complex should be subjected to limitations and guided by modesty.
  • An absence of such pressure results in a person’s losing his utility and importance in the society
  • The ultimate result is that a person is subjected to Ahankar or Pride which is ultimate for his destruction.

Two things bring modesty in a human namely

  1. The scientific bent of mind which is the result of realisation of knowledge and
  2. Being God Fearing which is the result of realisation of God

Sprite of Modesty:

  • When a person finds others around him to be less accomplished than himself pride catches up in him and feels highly proud of himself.
  • A person with a scientific bent of mind is able to find himself and his issues in relation to knowledge rather than in relation to the person who possesses knowledge.
  • A human can be limited but knowledge is unlimited.
  • When compared to a person with a knowledge one can think himself greater than others but in relation to the wide world of knowledge, each one of us is less in stature.
  • Obviously, this feeling will bring modesty in a person.
  • He will see his affairs in relation to God the Almighty.
  • When one sees oneself in relation to God, everyone becomes small, in relation to God and no one is great
  • This belief of God fearing in a man makes him more balanced.


  1. Spirit of Islam can be called Allahu Akbar spirit.
  2. This expression Allahu Akbar is repeated several times during Prayer called Namaz.
  3. Allahu Akbar means God is great and it implies that I am not great.
  4. Thus, every day all God believers refresh their minds repeatedly with the idea that greatness pertains to only God
  5. In a Congregational prayer on person is made the leader and rest stand behind him which is a social form of expression of Allahu Akbar spirit.
  6. By saying Allahu Akbar one develops modesty which does not stop at any point.
  7. As it grows further during a prayer, it ends up in a high spirit of modesty, which becomes part and parcel of his everyday life.
  8. People who develop this spirit will never display any sort of egoism or pride and will distance themselves from others on minor provocations.
  9. Working under others will be an act of worship for them.
  10. These people find happiness in surrender and modesty rather than in making others surrender to them.
  11. They tend to accept their mistakes and free themselves from any desire for leadership.

**Source:  Speaking Tree

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