RBI’s Dividend to Government of India for 2017-18

BE/RBI NOTE/30/2018


Reserve Bank of India would be paying a dividend of Rs. 50,000 crore to the Union Government for the year ended June 30, 2018.

  1. It is understood that the board meeting of RBI Directors, which met in Mumbai, on August 8, 2018 has approved the transfer of surplus amounting to Rs. 50,000 crore for the year ended 30th June 2018 to Government of India.
  2. Last year RBI had transferred a surplus of Rs. 30,659 crore as dividend to the Government for the year ended 30th June 2017.
  3. The amount transferred last year was said to be less than half of the amount of Rs. 65,876 paid during 2015-16.
  4. An interim dividend of Rs. 10,000 crore for the year 2017-18 was paid by RBI earlier this year.
  5. It may be noted that the Financial Year for RBI is 30th June of every year.


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