RBI makes certification necessary for bank employees involved in specialised jobs

RBI makes certification necessary for bank employees involved in specialised jobs


Specialized jobs in Banking relate to very sensitive desks and control the economy in a great way.  RBI has now come out with a latest notification that Bank Employees who work in the specialized areas viz Treasury, Risk Management, Accounting etc., will be required to undergo specialized training programs and thus get themselves certified through programs, conducted for the purpose.

Further, RBI has stated that such certifications should be obtained before 1st April 2018 if the staff members wish to get posted in such specialized departments.  Also, employees working in marketing departments would also have to obtain certification in order to avoid mis-selling of products which would otherwise largely reduce customer complaints.   This has been implemented on the recommendations of the COMMITTEE ON CAPACITY BUILDING, headed by its Executive Director Mr. G. Gopalakrishna.

The COMMITTEE ON CAPACITY BUILDING has advised that banks should ensure to build up a strong human resource management team, with more push on aspects related to Recruitment, Performance, Promotion and Job Rotation.

Certification would be mandatory, in the following areas, which should be obtained by the employees with in a period of 6 months.

  1. Treasury Operations
  2. Risk Management covering Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operation Risk & Credit Risk
  3. Preparation of Financial Results
  4. Audit Function and Credit Appraisal
  5. Rating, Monitoring and Credit Administration.

However RBI has given a free hand to the banks, to decide the other areas where the certification should be enforced.  Also, RBI has proposal to set up an Accreditation Agency which would assure and accredit the learning initiatives within the gamut of the banking.

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