Do you encounter severe problems and issues.  Be assured that God will not desert you.  Many of us always keep questioning ourselves, as to why God should only punish us and give problems and troubles only to us, when others are leading their life happily and merrily.  Ofcourse, such a thought came in the minds of Pandavas too in Mahabharat.  The story runs like this.

The War of Kurukshetra was all over.  Pithamah Bhishma was laid down in the bed of arrows.  He was waiting to die on the day of Ratha Sapthami day of Makara Maasa (makara month).  One fine day headed by Yudhishtra, the Pandavas met the Pithamaha Bhishma.

After enquiring about their wellbeing, Bhishma quipped “Have you been able to accomplish your task”?

Hearing this laughingly Yudhishtra replied “GrandPa, We stood only in the path of righteousness.  Our due share was denied by Duryodhan who troubled us.  To attain the path of Dharma, we had to undergo severe problems, troubles and difficulties which is ofcourse well known to you.  What was the mistake committed by us to get subjected to so many troubles and difficulties?  Duryodhan who committed so many atrocities, was happy till end which is true”.

The other four also endorsed what their elder brother uttered, and asked Bhishma whether it is destined that one should undergo so many tests if they walk in the true path?  Hearing this, Bhishma laughed and replied:

“Oh my Grand Children, you have been subjected to the maximum troubles in life and thus attained this victory.  I do not deny this.  But, inspite of your being subjected to so many troubles and pains, you have not lost your peace.  You have not chosen the illegal path.   Though you have been subjected to difficulties, have you lost your pleasure?

Even during the period of your 13 years Vanvas you people have been happy but Duryodhan did not undergo any pains or was not subjected to any difficulties, but was he happy and could he get any Peace?  Absolutely not.  He was at all times, in your thoughts and was working on ways and means to create problem for you and was rather constantly in fear.  Whenever you people had problems and testing times, Lord Krishna was by your side and  saved you.

Just because you people were in cool mind and worked with good thoughts, till end, the God Almighty was on your side but he never sided Duryodhana and his team.  God always tests good people only to bring out their strength and real efficiency.  Since you did not move away from the path of righteousness,  you have attained name and fame.

It is therefore necessary to understand that God always tests good people, but he will not desert them, but God will give the bad people wealth in plenty but he will not side them and will definitely desert them”.


It is true that God gives us problems and pains which only means, that he will never desert us and this belief will always bring great confidence in our mind.  The almighty who subjects us to great difficulties, also knows the ways to save us from the problems.

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