NPCI aims at One Nation One Card

NPCI aims at One Nation One Card

The Rupay Cards are fantastic and focus is expected to be on one Nation and One Card project as per Praveena Rai, Chief Operating Officer, National Payments Corporation of India.

  1. The current CEO of NPCI says that all Rupay Cards will now be on the National Common Mobility Card Platform and NPCI is making efforts with Mass Transit Systems across the country.
  2. It is felt that Rupay one nation one card launched in March is a Contactless card and it is launced as a transit proposition and will be used in a number of cities like Delhi, Nagpur, Noida, Vadodara and others.
  3. They are bringing in Mumbai Transport Corporation on Board. The entire idea is to have a uniformity.  For example, a Mumbai resident having a card in his/hr wallet and uses it at the ATMs, Merchants, Online and also for public Transport and metro, just feel how convenient it would be?
  4. For Tap and go timing is a critical requirement which is done in seconds. It is said that NPCI teams are working on it and is expected to the flagship proposition of NPCI in the days to come.  As of now they are looking it for transit, para transit, parking and tolls.
  5. However, over a period, it will be extended to Retail Space as well. The response is said to be overwhelming.


  • From nowon, it is expected that all Rupay cards will be on this National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Platform.
  • The targetted segments are mid and top end income segments. Also Jan Dhan accont holders are using their cards at ATMs and merchants outlets.  However, merchant acceptance is still not popular as yet.
  • Also, it is claimed that the products of NPCI have rules of engagement like in Rupay, there is issuing bank, acquiring bank and merchant each aligned to whatever is needed.
  • Here the customers of NPCI are Banks, Every App. Also, UPI works with banks and follows the model.  It has grown from 0 to 30% of the market share and their focus will be NCMC, Rupay Contactless and One Nation One Card program.

Vision of NPCI

  • NPCI vision is to serve a billion people with one payment system or the other. In five years, it has grown from 0 to 30% of the market share and their focus will be NCMC, Rupay Contactless and One Nation One Card program.
  • Their big focus will be on UPI 20 and the existing P2M merchant transactions.

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