Genetic makeup is the uniqueness with which we are born in this world.

  1. This makeup provides us with the pattern of our living style
  2. This behaviour changes with the influence of surroundings and contacts with outside world
  3. These behaviours make a great impact on our life.
  4. The impact of our memories of early life has a great influence on our behavior.
  5. Our mind is the reactor of all our actions which stores the memories effectively
  6. Our actions reflect the memories in the form of a mechanism which results into actions.
  7. Memories in Yoga Darshan are the genesis of Karma which is otherwise termed as Sanskar.


  • Karma is the action which embraces the whole living beings.
  • Karma which is otherwise our actions whether Good or Bad decide our future either in this birth or next birth.
  • Raja Yoga teaches us that Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, and Karma teaches us the way to live with a positive note and with good thoughts, notes, and deeds.
  • This results in positive memories which in turn lead to good Karma.


  • Every Individual has the right to decide his/her own destiny and memories through his/her actions in life.
  • Our memories change the neural pathways in the brain and in turn change the mind.
  • Deep thoughts have the ability to change our memories and thus lead to good Karma
  • Yoga is nothing but the deep thought carried out for a longer period.
  • This is termed as Sanyam in Patanjali Yoga or can be termed as conversion of existing memories into new one.
  • Tremendous processing capacity of brain is required to think deeply about a subject for a long time which can otherwise be achieved only when the mind gets rid of existing memories.

How to remove unhappy memories?

Always think about happy events and this process over a period of time will definitely remove the unhappy memories from the mind.


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