What is Veda? 

  • It is said to be knowledge.
  • Its source is narrated to be God

Vedas –Meaning and Values:

  1. It is believed that Rishis were able to hear the voice of God through sound and thus get their knowledge enhanced through meditation.
  2. They passed on this knowledge to their disciples.
  3. Thus, the Eternal truth which emanated from the Supreme power and later perceived by the Rishis, is referred to as Vedas.
  4. They are otherwise termed as Shruti since the Rishis heard them from the Supreme power and transcribed them through words which were passed on to their disciples.
  5. Vedas are an experience of Rishis who realized the supreme truth.
  6. To quote an example, a murder if committed is accepted through the testimony of a Witness and not through 1000 people who did not watch the murder.
  7. Just because we have not experienced the truth, we cannot refute Vedas but in turn let us appreciate the realisation of truth experienced by several Rishis.


  1. The messages of Rishis are condensed by the mantras MAY ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE BE HAPPY (Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu).
  2. Vedas are not accepted on their face but are accepted due to the following
    1. Truth,
    2. Righteousness
    3. Austerity
    4. Compassion
    5. Love,
    6. Sacrifice and
    7. Non-violence
  3. Hence, Hindus consider Vedas as of utmost sanctity and most authoritative scripture.
  4. It is not easy to understand Vedas but can be understood through Upanishads. Bhagawatgeetha is the distillation of quintessence of all Upanishads.
  5. Stories and historical events have been used by Rishis for bringing out the essence of Vedas in Ithihasas and Puranas.
  6. Over and above, divine people have born in this universe to highlight the greatness of Vedas who have taken pains in bringing its contents in simple forms.


  1. When sea water evaporates and falls as rain, it fulfills the requirement of people.
  2. Similarly, Mahatmas and rishis convey the meaning of Vedas in a simple way to people to make them understand its true meaning and follow the righteous path in their lifetime.
  • Hence those who are unable to understand Vedas can simply follow the preaching of Mahatmas to lead a true life.

**By: Mata Amritanandamayi

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