Believe in yourself

It is very essential that one should endure problems for which it is necessary to know as to how one can manage oneself.  Here are a few points to take note of.

Your Strength:

  • The foremost important thing is learn to concentrate on your strengths. Identify your areas of strength which can produce results.
  • Once you know your weak points, identify and try to improve on your strengths.
  • Once identified, analyse your weakness and once this is done you will know the areas of the gap which require to be filled in.
  • It is known that everyone can learn mathematics and theorems but all cannot become Mathematicians like Ramanujam. Obviously, they are born and not created.

Intellectual Arrogance

  • Find out where your intellectual arrogance takes its birth. For example many of the Engineers think that Engineering is the only area to learn and nothing is beyond that. In the process, they forget to learn human values and become instincts without human values.
  • Try to learn human values which are very essential while dealing with people.

Human Resource Professionals:

  • Often we could observe that HR personnel are ignorant of accounting areas and are least concerned about their ignorance in those areas, rather they are self-defeating.
  • Try to correct your bad habits and learn human values which can be achieved only through your hidden strength which requires to be identified.


  • Nature compels every human to ensure that clapping with two hands only creates noise. Human values are understand only through interaction.
  • Habituate to use simple words like THANK YOU, PLEASE while addressing people. Also, try to personal with people during discussions, and make enquiries about their families and habits, which makes you move closer to them.

It is necessary to understand that understanding others and above all their human values alone makes a person complete.

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