Getting to know Yourself

Getting to know Yourself

  1. The journey can only be as good as the traveller. Traversing a plethora of paths, we tend to forget that the essence of transformation is a non-judgemental witnessing, viewing and acceptance of ourselves, and how we interact with our lives. Regular meditation helps in that we create a space and time for watching our thoughts and getting to know ourselves, but it only helps to a certain extent.
  2. The self we take to the meditation mat in the morning is the one we leave behind at home as we hurry to work. The trick is to bring conscious awareness into everyday living.
  3. If through the helter-skelter of daily routine we take a few moments to catch ourselves in the act of living, self-awareness can serve as a powerful torch illuminating the way ahead.
  4. Our life is about too many decisions packed into too little time —from which brand of toothpaste to pick, to nutritional choices, to what school, which car, what investments to opt for. While none would want the difficulties of a pre-modern lifestyle, it may be worthwhile to recognise that this complexity comes with a very real danger: all too often, we lose ourselves.
  5. One way of getting to know yourself better is through deliberately scheduled witness breaks. With the aid of an alarm, witness breaks can be randomly scheduled through the day. As the alarm goes off, take a few seconds to observe yourself: what are you doing? Monitor your mental-emotional state through self-observation.  Just take a few seconds of observation before you carry on with whatever task you are engaged in.


  • Views expressed above are the author’s own.
  • This Is an Article from Economic Times dated 7th November 2019.

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