Five Ways To Answer Why We Should Hire You?

Five Ways To Answer Why We Should Hire You?


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  • Are you worried as to what your answers will be for the vital interview questions?
  • Are you not sure as to what are the various intricacies that would arise during my interview session?
  • Yes.. the subject related areas are known to you and can be comfortably attended. But, a common question being put by the interviewer often is WHY WE SHOULD HIRE YOU?

Every interview question is an attempt to gather information to hire the best candidate. ‘Why we should hire you’ is one such crucial interview question.  Here is how you can answer it.

(1) Highlight your uniqueness:

Always share what makes you unique as a worker and share it with confidence.  Ensure to team it up with a specific  example to prove your point.  Do not forget to show case your qualifications.

(2) Emphasise on your Qualifications:

Of-course, you may be keen in quoting specific examples from your workplace.  But, it is essential that you emphasize, on your qualifications which would definitely help you stand out, more so when you are in a situation, where it is explicitly clear, that your qualification falls short of its requirement.

(3) Focus on what can you offer:

Always present yourself as a confident, motivated candidate. How do you do it?  It is done by sharing your capability to achieve the task entrusted,    rather than what you cannot do.  Coming out with a negative answer will definitely disqualify you.

(4) Credentials matter:

Mention your key achievements from previous assignments including a small brief on challenges, action and results. Do not forget to support it by your credentials/facts and figures.

(5) Team skills:

A good team worker is an asset to any organisation.  Highlight this point during your interview. If you have worked in a large team in the past, discuss about your achievements as a Team Leader. This will definitely add a brownie point.

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