Effects Of Negative Thoughts

Effects Of Negative Thoughts


The moment negative thought enters in your mind,

1 – Your body releases acid.
2 – Your aura (appearance and thoughts) decreases.
3 – Your resistance power decreases.
4 – Your system’s functions are affected.
5 – Your heart beat increases.
6 – Your blood pressure increases.
7 – Unwanted hormones are released.

With that negative thought you may or may not harm others…but you definitely harm yourself!!!  Therefore think positive and remain healthy.  Are you aware that there are several benefits of clapping?

  • “Clapping” a Simple Striking of Hands but it’s much more than you Think.
  • Normally People clap to Appreciate others for their Good works and achievements or when they are in the mood of Joy.
  • People also Clap while Singing songs, Bhajans, and Prayers at Holy places.
  • It is Scientifically proved that Clapping is very effective Exercise to cure many Human Diseases.
  • Clapping activates the Receptors in the Palms and causes activation of the large area of the Brain which leads the improvement in Health.
  • There are 39 different Acupressure points for almost all Organs on our Palm which are activated by Clapping and this action improves Your Health slowly but effectively.
  • Daily 10-20 minutes of Clapping in morning keeps You Fit and Active.

Seven Amazing Benefits of Clapping:

Sr. No


1 Clapping is an effective Medicine for the Person who suffers from Digestive Disorder.
2 Best Cure for Back pain, Neck pain, and Joint pain.
3 Gout is a common problem with Old age People and can be easily cured by Clapping
4 Helpful for Patient of Low Blood Pressure.
5 Clapping plays important role in curing these diseases also. If someone is suffering from any Heart and Lung related disease then.   Clapping removes the obstacles from the Main and Collateral Channels and keeps You Fit and Healthy.
6 Children that practice clapping exercise daily makes only few Spelling mistake and are Hard worker than others.  It improves their Handwriting.

The whole abstract of above-given points is, Clapping sharpen the Brain of the Children.

7 Clapping increase the Immunity of the Person which provides the Strength to the Human body to fight against Diseases


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