• The Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC as is referred to was launched by Reserve Bank of India, on 1st December 2022 a month after the trail for wholesale or interbank transactions. But still this has not been popular among public who prefer Googlepay, MPay and other Digital Payment methods.  Also, majority of the people still prefer to do transactions in Cash and proper education is required to be geared up further.
  • ACBDC is the digital form of a country’s official currency which is tipped to be used for interbank and cross-couontry settlement and for retain transactions. It is felt that CBDCs accessed via e-wallets on mobile phones, can improve financial inclusion since they encourage adoption of digital payments, which is the order of the day in the World.

Here is an article on the above.

E - Rupee

e commarce

**Courtesy: Mint dt 29 Mar 2023

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