Let us suppose that you are meeting a Musician and tell him that you are not familiar with his music but you have love and affection for him.  The Musician , in turn,adds on to say “I am inseparable from my Music and can you love me without having any idea about my compositions and my love towards it?”

Here comes the fact that if someone cannot be separated from his/her work, then my love for him/her could make me love their composition in due course, by showing my interest on their works.  Here we see that

  • The person loving the Musician is talking about devotion but
  • The Musician is talking about the path of knowledge.
  • One can clearly understand from this example that the devotion of faith that we evince is more superior because it emanates from the basics of understanding.
  • In other words, we can say that an artiste always wants to be appreciated by discriminating various connoisseurs.
  • A devotee with knowledge is dear to God since he is able to see, understand, appreciate and admire any act through his Creations.

Swami Daranidhar Sahu says that every human cell has more than 30,000 genes which are arranged on three billion DNA base pairs and thousands of proteins having distinct Characteristics, Codes and separate functions.

  1. The mechanism required to make a single bacterium is as complex as that of a Jet Engine or a Super Computer.
  2. Indeed it is unimaginable and unthinkable as to how much difficulty and cleverness would have been required to make a human brain.

Albert Einstein says that there two types of Gods:

  1. One is God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses and Israel which is prejudiced to a family and a race.
  2. The other one is the God of Spinoza who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists.

In simple words we can describe the first principle of God as the path of Devotion and the second can be described to be the path of Knowledge.

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