Credit Card Reward Points Fraud

Credit Card Reward Points Fraud


Here is the story of Fraud Alert for Credit card reward points.  Ensure that you do not lose your money, stay safe, do this.  How did it happen?

  1. A Delhi based man has lost Rs 60,000 to a gang led by a former employee who managed to get critical data about credit cards from the bank.
  2. A gang led by a former employee managed to get critical data about users of credit during his work period at the bank.
  3. The gang used to call credit card users and claimed to be from their bank and even to put them at ease by telling them the last four digits of their credit card.
  4. Since the customers realized the person already knew their credit card numbers and was allegedly calling from the bank, they were easily fooled into divulging more details leading to massive loss of money.

Modus Operandi:

  • In this case, the caller offered the credit card holder reward points worth Rs 10,000.
  • The fraudster posing as the bank executive said that the offer would expire by 4 pm that day only.
  • The cardholder got lured by the offer and even made the mistake of sharing the OTP received on his phone.
  • The fraudster then carried out a transaction of Rs 60,000 following which the man registered a complaint with the police.
  • Fortunately, the police have arrested the culprits and are investigating the matter.

An important lesson to be drawn from this is that credit cards users must be very careful about what they do. Also, it’s important for them to know how to be safe from these kinds of thieves.

Precautions to be taken:

It is essential that the Credit Card Holders keep in mind the following few important safety tips:

  • Never share your credit card PIN/Password with any one
  • Never let your card disappear from your eyes while making a transaction at PoS machines.
  • Rewards points are always credited to your card automatically when you make any purchase which please remember.
  • Most crucially, never share your transaction OTP received on your phone with anyone.
  • Bank CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES never ask for confidential details like PIN/Password or OTP.
  • In case of any transaction not initiated by you, immediately get your card blocked.

Ensure to follow the above guidelines meticulously and protect your card from the Fraudsters.

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