Public Sector Banks are thinking of  a Common portal to offer competitive personal, housing & other retail loans.    It is learnt that Government would extend assistance banks to set up such a portal which can also be a platfor to offer loans to small and micro industries in the days to come.


  1. This would be the next phase of banking, where loans can be availed instantly.
  2. This would follow the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, which was brought to make formal banking more inclusive.
  3. Here they propose to offer competitive Loans under the categories of Housing, Personal and other Retail areas, which would be based on the customers’ creditworthiness.
  4. This would avoid delay in releasing loans and pave way for early disbursal.

Modus Operandi

Though the proposal is in the budding stage, the same will be operated like this.

  • A borrower can fill in the required details online
  • Based on this the borrower will receive competitive offers from interested lenders on personal loans, home loans or auto loans.
  • A common checklist by banks would ensure access to the borrower’s credit worthiness
  • The bank chosen/allotted would be intimated to the borrower who can visit and avail the facility after completing the necessary formalities.

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