BANKEDGE Announces Free NISM Certification Training for Students, Enhancing Job Readiness for Branch Banking Roles

BANKEDGE Announces Free NISM Certification Training for Students, Enhancing Job Readiness for Branch Banking Roles

BANKEDGE, a leading provider of skill development programs for the banking and financial services industry, is pleased to announce its latest initiative to empower students seeking careers in branch banking. In an effort to enhance their job readiness and equip them with essential industry knowledge, BANKEDGE will now offer NISM Certification Training free of cost to all its students.

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a prestigious organization that plays a crucial role in developing and regulating the securities and financial markets in India. Their certifications are highly valued and recognized across the industry, serving as a benchmark of professional competence.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive training for students aspiring to succeed in branch banking job roles, BANKEDGE has taken the bold step of integrating NISM Certification Training into its curriculum. By doing so, the organization aims to provide students with a competitive edge and increase their employability prospects in the dynamic banking sector.

“We are delighted to introduce free NISM Certification Training for our students,” said Narayan Chari, Head of Academics at BANKEDGE. “This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering the highest quality education and ensuring our students are well-prepared for the demands of the banking industry. NISM certifications are highly respected and sought-after by employers, making them invaluable assets for our students’ professional development.”

The NISM Certification Training program covers a wide range of topics essential for branch banking job roles, including securities operations and risk management, mutual funds, equity derivatives, and more. By completing these certifications, students will gain a deep understanding of industry best practices, regulatory frameworks, and financial products and services, further enhancing their competence and expertise.

As part of BANKEDGE’s holistic approach to career development, the NISM Certification Training will be integrated seamlessly into the existing curriculum. Students will have access to expert trainers, comprehensive study materials, and hands-on practical exercises to maximize their learning experience.

To further support students, BANKEDGE will also provide dedicated career guidance and placement assistance, connecting them with leading banks and financial institutions for exciting job opportunities in branch banking.


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