Attitude Makes All The Difference

Attitude Makes All The Difference

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

“Life changes when you change your attitude”.

“Attitude plays a very pivotal role in the foundation of success in any persons life”

“It is your attitude,not your aptitude that determines your Altitude”

“Success = 85% Attitude + 15% Skills”.

There are thousands of quotes on the word attitude itself and so much importance is given to attitude, I thought of penning down my ideas of the same.

The term Attitude is actually a noun which determines a settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.

So what is Attitude and where does it come from and how can we change something without even knowing it. Let’s understand a few things about attitude then

Imagine an iceberg in the North Pole. What we see outside is only 10 % and the remaining ice is below the ground surface, and it’s the same iceberg which was responsible for the sinking of the world’s biggest ship Titanic which was claimed that even god cannot sink the ship.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution we are all born premature, unlike other animals where the only key thing for them is survival.  Human babies are the weakest creatures born of all the living things on the planet. So what makes us the most powerful ones?

Our ability to think is the first character, but more than that it’s our creativity and empathy that makes us distinct from the rest of them.

Attitude is determined by the way we think generally but hold on where this thinking comes from

As humans one of the biggest influences we have on our mind is external. Not much is shared about how we think and how can move mountains what is really focused on most of us since childhood is how small we are and how we cannot achieve things.

Attitude is the first thing that is developed in us even before creativity and empathy creeps in. It’s the seed which is sowed in us through our parents, teachers, and siblings at our early childhood that affects our life. The 90% iceberg is formed in us by the time we are 10 years old and the same showcases to the outer world and that is the only reason we have so much violence, poverty, inequality around us.

Ever for a nation like us where we have the highest population we still struggle to get quality people for various domains whether its sports or any other industry.  To add to the fuel, we also have a large portion of people who blindly follow people who are misguiding them either spiritually, financially under the name of gods, religions, caste or various other evil elements.

It’s our attitude that has shaped by others that makes cricket our religion and movies our life.

It’s our attitude which tells us only to think for self is giving rise to exploitation of others.

Is attitude external? Certainly not, it’s an internal growing element with seeds planted by external people and flourished by others.

And the day people realize this truth that it’s not their attitude they are carrying, its someone else’s they decide to shrug it off and move ahead and that’s the time they build success stories

It’s only then you realize the meaning of the statement “change your attitude and change your world” because even the writer knew, we are not carrying our attitude, we need to build one.

Most of the people have made this as their truth that whatever their thought process and life is it will never change and they accept it and the bigger problem lies in the area that they don’t even want to find out how life can be better for them.

With a small change in thought process every day, the paradigm changes and once that change, Attitude changes

Attitude is how to treat yourself every day every minute and every second and secondly how you treat others.

Attitude may contribute 85% of your success but it contributes 100% of your life. Choose yours carefully

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