Television campaign is the innovative strategy by Airtel Payments Bank which commenced its operations in January this year.  The bank has titled it as BANK HAI PAR ALAG HAI, which highlights as to how their activities differ from General Banking, meaning that they are bringing digital banking closer to its customers. The special features of this campaign are:

  1. The campaign has three television commercials (TVCs ) highlighting the services offered by Airtel Payments Bank across.
  2. The three commercials are – Opening of a bank account in less than three minutes, A fixed interest rate of 7.25 per cent on Savings Deposits and lastly the depositing cash and withdrawing money at any banking point.
  3. The first one depicts a girl standing in a bank queue who looks irritated with the long line for getting banking service.
  4. She whispers as to whether she could find a bank which could function like a shop and provide her service forthwith without any delay.
  5. The next picture takes the girl to the point of Airtel Payments Bank.
  6. The second campaign describes the ordeal faced by her father, to withdraw money sent by her regularly from his bank account. Now the screen is shifted to the premises of an Airtel Payments Bank branch where the banking transactions are going on smoothly.
  7. The third TVC features, a young man confused and struggling to memorize the different interest rates offered by banks on Savings Deposit. Here the Airtel Payments Bank again is brought in the front line, which advices that the bank provides fixed interest rate of 7.25 per cent on savings accounts which is the highest interest across Indian banks.

The bank’s main intention is said to be, to make the public know the difference that Airtel Payment makes, through its huge retail network.  More than 2,50,000 neighbourhood Airtel retail outlets across, will be the focused banking points and further, the bank has plans to increase this up to 6,00,000 banking points in the days to come, according to its MD and  Chief Executive.

The credit of theorizing and execution goes to Taproot Dentsu who were assigned the task of bringing out a different credibility to Airtel in terms of a non-traditional bank and thus reach a common man.  The company says that they have executed the campaign with much work around which they add, was quite challenging at a budgeted cost of Rs. 15 crores, since the campaign moves at different speed during various sequences.

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